Live It Out: Faith In Action :: Romans 12-16

Have you ever wondered what a life sold out to Jesus really looks like?” Have you asked the question, “how should a Christian live?”
These and other questions like it are answered in this series out of Romans 12-16. Chapters 1-11 cover significant teaching about God’s work on our behalf and our great need for it. Then, in chapters 12-16, the Apostle Paul
explains how those truths of our faith are lived out in real life. Much more than just rules to live by, chapters 12-16 teach us what a life in Christ looks like: a life of obeying God in tremendous gratitude for all that He's done and continues to do.

PART 1 :: A Life Of Commitment RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 1 :: A Life Of Commitment

March 4, 2018
"A Life of Commitment" (Romans 12:1-2) - Ken Gentzler

PART 2 :: Surrendered Service RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 2 :: Surrendered Service

March 11, 2018
"Surrendered Service" (Romans 12:3-8) - Ken Gentzler

PART 3 :: Divine Priorities RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 3 :: Divine Priorities

March 18, 2018
"Divine Priorities" (Romans 12:9-14) - Ken Gentzler

PART 4 :: How To Respond When Wronged RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 4 :: How To Respond When Wronged

March 25, 2018
"How To Respond When Wronged" (Romans 12:14-21) - Ken Gentzler

PART 5 :: God And Government RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 5 :: God And Government

April 8, 2018
"God And Government" (Romans 13:1-7) - KEN GENTZLER

PART 6 :: Head's Up! RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 6 :: Head's Up!

April 29, 2018
"Head's Up!" (Romans 13:8-14)
Ken Gentzler

PART 7 :: Diets & Days RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 7 :: Diets & Days

May 6, 2018
"Diets & Days" (Romans 14:1-12) Ken Gentzler

PART 8 :: Fencing Freedom RECENT MESSAGE SERIES PART 8 :: Fencing Freedom

May 13, 2018
"Fencing Freedom" (Romans 14:13-23) - Ken Gentzler

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