Summer series exploring 4 attributes of God's character. Shared by four men from our pastoral staff.

INDESCRIBABLE 3 (Psalm 86:1-17) SERIES INDESCRIBABLE 3 (Psalm 86:1-17)

Part 3: “The Steadfast Love of God” (Psalm 86:1-17), by Jasper Swaney,…

INDESCRIBABLE 2 (Isaiah 40:9-26) SERIES INDESCRIBABLE 2 (Isaiah 40:9-26)

Part 2: “The Greatness of God” (Isaiah 40:9-26), by Todd Hostetter, Associate…

INDESCRIBABLE 1 (Psalm 145:1-21) SERIES INDESCRIBABLE 1 (Psalm 145:1-21)

Part 1: "The Goodness of God" (Psalm 145), with Travis Kooi

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