In Ephesians 6 and passages like it, the Christian life is described as a battle or war, which requires the proper equipment and strategy to win. It's with this in mind that we engage in this study of the book of Joshua. In this 6 part series, we'll be looking at some of the battles fought by the nation of Israel. From both successes and failures, we'll learn some of the key principles and strategies for victory in the battles of life.

CHARGE! 6 (11/6/16) SERIES CHARGE! 6 (11/6/16)

PART 6: "The Spiritual Battle" (Joshua 24:1-28)

CHARGE! 5 (10/16/16) SERIES CHARGE! 5 (10/16/16)

PART 5: “CIVIL WAR” (Joshua 22:1-34)

CHARGE! 4 (10/2/16) SERIES CHARGE! 4 (10/2/16)

PART 4 : "HERE WE GO AGAIN" (Joshua 11:1-23)

CHARGE! 3 (9/25/16) SERIES CHARGE! 3 (9/25/16)

PART 3 :: THE UNFORGETTABLE DAY (Joshua 10:1-15)

CHARGE! 2 (9/11/16) SERIES CHARGE! 2 (9/11/16)

PART 2 :: TRAGEDY AND TRIUMPH (Joshua 7:1-8:29)

CHARGE! 1 (9/11/16) SERIES CHARGE! 1 (9/11/16)

PART 1: VICTORY SHOUT (Joshua 6:1-27)

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